Docent MUDr. et PhDr. Jiří J. Diamant (1930) - Lebenslauf

Projekt: Stories of 20th Century
Institution: Post Bellum
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“One of my reasons for emigration was that I didn't want to repeat the mistake of my father. By his vacillation he caused the ruination of our family. I could not do that. I had to leave for the sake of my children.”

A psychologist and a doctor Jiří Diamant has lived in the Netherlands from 1968. He comes to the Czech Republic only to visit these days, his home is a little town Heiloo in the north of Amsterdam. Jiří Diamant was born in a family of a tradesman in Brno in 1930. His father was a salesman of a textile factory for South Moravia. The family of Jiří Diamant was sent to the concentration camp Terezín in March 1942. He was imprisoned in the concentration camp in Osvětim-Birkenau from December 1943. He survived that in spite of the fact that he was a member of the so called Terezín family camp, whose vast part was killed during the spring and summer 1944. Similarly, as for example Toman Brod, he belongs to the so called ‘Birkenau Boys' - lads from the family camp at the age of 12-16 who went through the Nazi selection with good luck. He was transported to Buchenwald in January 1945 and was liberated by the American soldiers not far from Jena in mid April. In May 1945 he participated in organizing repatriation of cellmates to Czechoslovakia. He completed his Psychology studies at the University in Brno after the war. He worked as a clinic psychologist. As a distant student he graduated from the Medical Faculty in the 60's. In September 1968 he emigrated to the Netherlands where he worked also as a clinic psychologist at University. He was an external lecturer at universities in Prague and Brno in the 90's.